Erotic Art and Stories of Rhyull's Wanton Fantasies

I'm quite a nice person really but...

... this is where I display my 3D Poser art and post some of my erotic stories. So if pictures of naked ladies doing naughty things offends you, it's best you leave. The button on your browser that says 'back' will send you where you just came from. Or use one of your bookmarks. If you are under 18 or not supposed to be looking at naked women because you live in the wrong place, you have to go away too.

If you are looking for The Accidental Billionaire or Groperville, you will find sections devoted to them inside.

Or if you are a reasonably tolerant and broad-minded person just looking for some entertainment and you would like to view my 3D erotic art or read some free erotic stories, then welcome! I can't guarantee you will like any of it. I can't guarantee it is even any good. All I can guarantee is that there's no sneaky or intrusive adverts or other tricks, no buckets of blood or other nasty substances, no pictures of anyone under 18. Also that what you will see is all my own work unless it says otherwise. So if you want to carry on, click the button. But please, by all means download anything you like but if you want to share it, let people know where you found it.