Updates To Rhyull's Wanton Erotic Art Fantasies


When I make changes to the site, which will normally mean adding things rather than taking them away, I'll probably remember to mention it here. You can always check the story lists or art gallery for the latest updates to see if I forgot anything. Or just for fun!

  • December 7Rather slower this time. Didn't realise it had been so long. Paul's Porno Adventure is now available though!
  • July 19
  • I'm getting better at this. Another new book Paul's Porno Holiday is now available. Another 40,000+ words for you to enjoy (I hope)
  • June 10Not too slow. United Nations of Sex Part 4 is now available on the stories page. That finishes the series. Also available is the full text of 1 - 4 in a single volume for those who haven't read any of it yet.
  • April 30 2020It appears I haven't been keeping this site up to date. Things have been busy but I have four more stories added to the story page.
    I know things are tough for everyone, wherever you may be and I ask you to please stay safe and follow the advice of doctors - not politicians who are always ready to let people die so long as it isn't themselves.
  • Aug 20And added The Accidental Billionaire Gets Around - a compilation of Travels and Roleplays. The next book in the new Paul series is half finished already!
  • Aug 17Now that's a better speed on releasing books! The Accidental Billionaire Book 10 is now available. Also available is books 9 and 10 in a single volume. And I've updated the site to add a link to The Accidental Billionaire Travels. I missed that before so maybe that's why it seemed so long between books.
  • July 13 2019Didn't realise it had been so long :-( I must write faster. New story is now available though :-) See Paul Makes A Porno on the Story Page
  • Nov 30The Accidental Billionaire Book Nine now also available at Barnes and Noble and Kobo
  • Nov 19E-Book The Accidental Billionaire Book Nine is now available on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. I'm rather pleased with this one. New women of course, but also some new sexual experiences for him. Give it a try! Link Here
  • Oct 19I haven't done any art for a while, so here's a set of Susie meeting a cowgirl in a saloon for some fun and games. Pictures are in Billionaire Art / Harem Girls / Susie
  • Sep 7 The Accidental Billionaire Roleplays is now listed at Barnes + Noble and Kobo. See TAB page for links.
  • Aug 27A new book in The Accidental Billionaire series! Roleplays details nine times when the Billionaire went to a specially prepared location with one or more beautiful escorts and played out a real-life fantasy scenario.
  • Aug 27The Deprived Wives Club is now available on Kindle direct from Amazon. Turns out all they objected to was the blurb being too explicit.
  • Aug 11A bit belated because I've been waiting for Amazon to approve the Kindle version of a new story but they refused it. I'm not sure it's any more explicit than others I've written but I'm not going to say anything in case they delete everything. So The Deprived Wives Club is available in all formats (including Kindle) from Smashwords on the Stories page.
  • July 16Another book, over 55,000 words is now available in multiple formats. See the Stories page.
  • May 19Unfortunately it takes a lot longer to write books than to read them. Well, The Accidental Billionaire Book Eight is wrote now and available, so read away! Here
  • March 1Into Spring with a new story to melt the snow. The Moon Goddess in now available. See details on the Stories page
  • Feb 1A new story is available called Tracy's Mom. See details on the Stories page
  • Feb 1 2018Added a new set of pictures under the Billionaire Entourage member Madeline
  • Dec 25Happy Yule to everyone. I hope you are having a good one. I have spent the past days adding significantly to The Accidental Billionaire page of girls' bios.
  • Dec 17Not having much internet does make me more productive ;) A new 20K word story - Stepdaughter Obsession can be found on the Stories page. There's a new set of pictures in the gallery - Sex/Chelsea and another new set in Billionaire/Entourage which ties in with The Accidental Billionaire Book 7. And finally for now, a couple of new pix in the fantasy gallery. Not a bad haul.
  • Nov 25Finally The Accidental Billionaire Book 7 is complete. It is now available at Amazon Kindle and Smashwords. In a few days it will be at other locations. Find the links here.
  • Oct 22A new image set of 32 added. Find it in the art gallery - Accidental Billionaire - Other Girls - Carrie
  • Oct 1FREE PROMOTION - The Accidental Billionaire Book 1 is on a free promotion for the whole of October 2017. Follow the link to Smashwords, select your format (includes Kindle, epub, pdf etc) and check out with the coupon code DU36U to get a free 40,000 word erotic story!
  • Oct 1A new e-book, Willing Victims, explores the erotic world of the groper who molests women in public, usually in the middle of a crowded place. And the women who get off on it.
  • Oct 1Some e-book titles are no longer available st Barnes and Noble. They don't like stories about step-relatives now. You can still get them for all formats by following the alternative links.
  • Aug 10Look Who's Looking Three - a new 24,000+ words book. Also Look Who's Looking Trio - all three Look Who books in one volume.
  • Aug 4I've needed to change the art gallery script because the old one was no longer being maintained by its creators. I hope you enjoy looking through the new version. Just about everything is as it was before. Let me know if you see a broken link still after you refresh any page. Thanks!
    Note - this new gallery has a theme setting optimised for mobile users. At top right, choose the theme 'smartpocket'
  • July 28A new book! Massaging Mommy is 26,000 words of very explicit erotica. I'm rather pleased with it.
    The compilation, Seven Steps Beyond, is now available from Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. Not just for Kindle or paperback any more.
    The Accidental Billionaire page now gives links for Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Smashwords
  • July 9The stories page has been heavily edited to give links to copies of my books for formats other than Kindle. Please take a look if you have been unable to access them previously. You will also find a FREE book not previously available except in a compilation.
    Coming soon - an expanded set of links for The Accidental Billionaire
  • July 3Over the next few days I'll be updating the site to link to book formats other than Kindle. Watch this space!
  • July 3I've uploaded about a dozen, mostly to Titillation. These are the original art used to make book covers.
  • May 18If you're on Facebook you can get news HERE
  • May 18A new picture set. Jeanette in Accidental Billionaire Harem Girls
  • May 5A compilation of six step relative stories. Plus an extra bonus story not available elsewhere. Seven Steps Beyond is available in both Kindle and paperback. Over 80,000 words of explicit erotica. See the story page
  • May 5Paperback copies of Accidental Billionaire 1- 2, 3-4, and 5-6 are now listed on his page
  • April 27Two new books are available on Kindle. Get Lost! and The Family That Plays Together. See the story page. Both are extremely explicit and center around stepfather, stepdaughter relationships which some people may find uncomfortable.
  • April 21A new set of 25 pictures. In the Accidental Billionaire's harem, Janika makes good use of the gym equipment
  • April 11A compilation The Accidental Billionaire Parts One and Two is now available for KINDLE and PAPERBACK
  • April 10The Accidental Billionaire Parts Two, Three, Four and Five have all been republished with revised and extended text
  • April 5Extensively revised and extended, The Accidental Billionaire Part One is on Kindle. More updates will follow soon.
  • April 2I've been adding some pictures to the Billionaire gallery. New girls who appear in the soon to be published Accidental Billionaire 6 on Kindle.
  • Mar 6On a bit of a roll here. New series in Groperville
  • Mar 3Hard at work again. In Billionaire, Harem Girls, a new series in a real Arabian palace
  • Feb 18A new sequence added to Monsters. Beware the goblins!
  • Feb 10Added 10 new pics in Titillation and BDSM
  • Feb 7Added Gia to Billionaire/Other Girls
  • Jan 15 2017Added 30 pics to Billionaire/Harem/Juliana and two to the Fantasy gallery
  • Nov 14Continuing to add to the bio's. This will be an ongoing process for the next few months.
  • Nov 9Started a new section in Accidental Billionaire where you can learn more about the characters. Also updated Carole.
  • Sept 25I realised I had not kept the stories page up to date so that has been corrected and now contains a full list.
  • Sept 20 Added a series to Horror. Not new but few, if any, will have seen it before.
  • Sept 1A new series in Billionaire / Aphrodite / Pinball
  • Aug 11Added a couple more one-off pictures
  • July 27A new series of pinups in Titillation - On Location - Wrecked House
  • June 22A new story in Groperville - Love in an Elevator
  • June 13Added a series called Gina to Accidental Billionaire / Harem Girls plus a couple of one-offs
  • May 1Added some more art. Most are in an album called Gogo Girl under Titillation
  • April 23Catching up with work that's been on hold since last year. Finished off and uploaded a new series to the All Girl gallery, called Stranded.
  • April 21Long gap, mostly due to illness. Added a new set to the Accidental Billionaire / Harem for Candy
  • Aug 30Added a few pics to a new gallery in Titelation. Total is now showing over 1100 in all categories!
  • July 23On a bit of a roll here. Added a set of Carole pinups to the art gallery under Accidental Billionaire/Harem/Carole
  • July 14I have reorganised The Accidental Billionaire artwork so it is all in one place and hopefully makes more sense now. There will also be quite a few picture sets which were previously only available to a limited audience. That should bring the site total to well over 800 in all.
  • July 11Added a short series to the humour gallery and two each to Fantasy and Titillation
  • July 8Part Four of The Accidental Billionaire is now available on Kindle. Look for it to be added to my author page in he next 24 hours or search for it direct.
  • June 2There's a new book available on Kindle - part 2 of the Look Who series.
  • May 28Finally finished round two with the gropers and the club girl in Groperville. Also added a few random erotic pictures to the general pinup gallery Titillation
  • May 14Added a couple of single pics while I continue work on the next series which will be Groperville's Club Girl Part 2