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Tie A Yellow Ribbon...

I look out the kitchen window while making a salad and just couldn’t focus on my work. Minutes later my boy friend comes behind me and presses against the cheeks of my behind, I can tell he is excited, but minutes later he went back into the living room to watch TV. It made me wiggle and want more, but I had to get dinner ready. That didn’t mean I couldn’t stand there fantasizing about sex or certain places I’d like to experience it, or hidden fantasies I feel I can’t discuss… like being on the subway groped.

Every morning the subway is so crowded at 7:45 I find myself body to body, sometimes holding on the ceiling hand grip since I have to be at work by 8:00 AM. There is no getting around taking the subway since my schedule coincides with most workers in New York City.

New York City’s heavy rains brought more people on the subway Friday and most of the business men wore raincoats which made my overactive imagination kick in. I was picturing one of them pressed against me with the front of his coat opened and his fly down, AND then it happened. A man pressed against my back, he was a tall man with white hair, an older gentleman, which always intrigues me, and yet I don’t think my imagination was over the top. I was sure I could feel the outline of his hard cock against me. It was larger than my boyfriends in thickness… I could just tell, and even when the subway stopped for people to get out, he didn’t pull back from me.

All I can think about is his cock, and how exciting it feels pressed into me with the subway full of people that possibly could see us. People did look in my direction and I had to wonder if they knew what he was doing. Once when the subway came to a jolting stop, it presses deeper into me, and I turn to look at him but he was much taller than I am, and I didn’t want to stare at him and appear obvious.

It’s Friday; the last day of my work week and I stop at Sam’s Newsstand and pick up a magazine to read over the weekend. I can’t help but notice an ad in Rock ‘in Times which is a weekly paper for bars, bands and musicians looking for gigs. They are a new band I like, and their tour dates are on the back so I pick up the paper and tuck it under my arm walking to the subway.

Friday night is the worst night to take the subway, not only are the workers eager to get home for their weekend, the people leaving the city need to get to the Amtrak trains. How lucky am I to find a seat instead of standing, so I glance through the paper. The man next to me watched me, and it’s the same elderly man that was behind me the other day. I am blushing thank goodness for the paper; it at least keeps me busy until one of us has to get off.  An ad in the paper is making me blush more, and I couldn’t believe my eyes reading it.

The very train I am riding is listed, and in the ad it reads:

Subway …Harmless thrill… a grope and touch of your soft skin on Train #9 going to work Monday October 17th 7:45 AM. Wear a green skirt, and tie a yellow scarf on your pocketbook.

Just reading the ad makes me wiggle on the cold metal seat. I wonder if men know how we can climax from just a bumpy ride or squeezing our legs together. It takes a lot of courage and I have to play mind games to dare myself to do what the ad said. There are so many men on the subway, it makes me wonder who placed the ad, how well endowed they are, and if they are circumcised or not.

All sorts of vivid pictures of men go through my mind and I am thinking of them undressed, it makes me so hot and needy. The man next to me concentrating on the subway signs looking for his stop didn’t help matters since I wonder about how large he is, if he is thick or long, and how much cum he can ejaculate.

All weekend I keep thinking about it, until Monday comes around. I take a nice hot shower, rubbing the soap over my body. It feels so good when I rub lavender scented soap over my nipples, having some oatmeal grits in it awakens my lust more and I see how puffy and firm they are under the lilac suds. I have to hurry and get dressed, taking too long in the shower.

 Luckily I have a short green flared skirt, and put on thong panties. I just brought my bra with me to put on once I got to work, and tied a yellow scarf on my pocketbook. It was exciting to think a perfect stranger might touch me in public.  I have this fear of being seen, and yet my desires make me take a courageous breath before getting on the train.

I look around at the people on the train frantic and not sure who placed the advertisement. The only thing that calmed me down was how crowded it was. I pushed away the horror stories of people being killed in crowds.

Monday was busier than most days, and I didn’t take a seat just in case the ad wasn’t a joke. I want to be standing with one arm holding the ceiling hand grip, because I know how enticing that can be showing off my breasts and my waist, since my jacket would flap open and show off both. Nothing happens before a few more stops, and then I smell Old Spice cologne… the brand older men wear.

It is very out of the ordinary that I will act on a fantasy, but also very exciting. I feel the train lurch to a stop and then a hand slides under my skirt, softly stroking over my behind. It feels like a large hand but I am in no position to turn to see, and I know holding onto the hand grip above was giving the person a good view of the shape of my breasts.

Then I feel one of his fingers wiggling between the string of my thong and he snaps it aside, and his thick index finger slides right into my slit wiggling in. I have to bite on my lip even though I feel his finger inch towards my clit, where I am dripping wet because I am so excited.

He has no trouble; and one of his thick fingers pushes inside me. Did I mention I am tight, and even being so wet he pushes right in. I am on the brink of climaxing, he can tell by the spasm against his finger.

Mmmmm… he is making me squirm so much I am rubbing against his clothes and cock like I am chained to the overhead hand grip. I have a short jacket over my blouse since it is rather cool outside. A yank of my blouse from the back renders it free from being tucked in and his other hand slides under it and around to my breast until he finds my pert nipples. He is rubbing over my one breast and tweaks my nipple feeling it become firm…knowing he will have me into a full-fledged climax in public with everyone watching.

His cock pushes against his pants and he presses closer to me. I wasn’t imagining this I could feel his hard tip pushing against his linen pants, and the material felt damp. What a delicious thought it is pre-cum and he is so thick, I never felt a cock that thick, and it makes me gasp. The only thing I can do rather than scream is cough. I need to make some oral sound in response. It’s torture wanting to climax loudly in front of the whole train of passengers. My nipples send electrical thrills to my clit, which makes me weak in the knees and I feel his arm support me by holding my breast so tightly it hurt.

Subway stop number 14 comes up next and I just have enough time to catch my breath, his hand pulls away quickly and all the groping I feel is gone, and with the crowd being so thick I can’t find the man who was in back of me.

Being petite has an advantage and I put my hand down the waist of my skirt since I want more… huddled in the large crowd. It’s easy with my jacket and pocketbook to cover up what I was doing. Multiple orgasms are always so much better.

One fantasy fulfilled, and being so feverish in lust I have to wonder what it would feel like if the hard thick tip of his cock pushed into me while the train lurches forward and back.  When I arrive at work, people comment on how good I looked, flushed cheeks, bright eyes, and I give them a smile on the way to the ladies room to put my bra on before going to my first meeting for the day.

While I was dressing I thought of answering another advertisement.


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