About Rhyull's Wanton Erotic Art Fantasies

Something Over-opinionated

Some people will say that 3D art is not a creative process because it uses a computer program to arrange items produced by others into a finished product which can be viewed, instead of taking a brush and daubing on a canvas. But then the 'real' artist rarely makes the items they bring together into a finished result. They will use brushes made by other people to apply paint made by other people to selected areas of a canvas made by someone else. Similarly, a musician uses an instrument made by someone else to make sounds which are assembled in a way no one else has ever arranged them. But those sounds have always existed. As the late, great Eric Morecambe once said, "I'm playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order." So is the process of creating 3D art all that different really? The object is to use tools and items made by others to create something which didn't exist before. And as with the other creative processes, some people do it better than others.

Personally I don't consider my 3D art to be masterly or even expert. I'm ambitious enough to think of it as competent or moderately decent but no more than that. Others may call it rubbish but that is most often based upon the subject matter rather than any degree of ability, so let's just ignore them, eh? They get too much attention with their bigoted bleating as it is. For years I used words, writing stories in an attempt to bring the images in my mind into a more tangible form because I lacked the ability to create 'real' art and lacked the dedication needed to acquire a skill which didn't come naturally to me. Words are good, but they always get filtered and processed by the reader and the images they see when reading can be very different from those I wrote. Nothing wrong with that either. But when I came across Poser, I saw a way to produce something which came a lot closer to accurately defining what I envisaged. Let's call it love at second sight, since the program can be infuriating and the first time I tried I gave up. The second time, years later, I stuck with it and wrassled it into at least a draw, even if I never convincingly put it down for the count.

I'm not here to go into my life story and it would be too boring anyway. Some of the art you will find here bears other names; I have gone by several and am usually known as Stormbringer in other places. But that name has been adopted by a few people online and it becomes increasingly difficult to get it registered anywhere. So I decided to bring everything here together under the name of Rhyull. Not as catchy but at least it is all my own, since it is a name I created for a character that only appears in some stories that I wrote. So, whatever name is on it, all the art in this site was made by this one person unless it is attributed to someone else. Likewise all the words not credited to others emanated from what I loosely refer to as my brain. I hope you enjoy looking and reading but if you don't, you at least have the debatable consolation of knowing that I thoroughly enjoyed having the tools that allowed me to make it.