Introduction To Rhyull's Wanton Erotic Art Fantasies


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This is the place where I swap my 'pretentious artist' hat for my web site building hat, such as it is. The site is rather basic because its only reason to exist is to act as a shell for the free erotic art that is in the gallery, along with any stories you may find on that page. I may add a few more whizzy graphics and twiddly bits but since the site is here to display things rather than being an end in itself, I don't really want it to get in the way. It's functional and fairly bland, which is what it should be in my opinion.

Now I doubt if you're still reading this, but on the off-chance, a reminder that the art and story pages contain a lot of explicit stuff. Nothing too nasty. Blood and other such things aren't erotic to me and I only do topics that I like myself. You can call it art or call it porn if you think that's what it is. But you've been warned so don't complain about what you find here, please. You've chosen to look and you're a grown up adult who is capabale of making decisions about what you expose yourself to.

I don't keep any information about you, unless you decide to register for the gallery. This is optional and will not give you access to any hidden contents. It is useful only to send an ecard or leave a comment. I don't pass on email addresses, track you with cookies or try and put any sneaky stuff on your computer. If you choose to download anything, you get exactly what you expected. I think that about covers the legal stuff?