Groping isn't sexual assault it's seduction

The first thing to understand is that this is all fantasy. It is the fantasy that men who are sexually excited by anonymously arousing an unknown woman will coincide with a woman who has fantasies about experiencing that event. Does that mean it never happens? No, of course not. There are real men and real women who are sexually aroused by such fantasies and who may actively seek to make their imagination a reality.

BUT... and this is a real big but, such people are relatively rare and even those who fantasise about it may quail before the reality. Just because it's your fantasy, doesn't mean it is a fantasy of everyone you see. So don't think of this site as a guideline or endorsement of anything described here. It's fantasy! If you can't differentiate between fantasy and reality, you need psychiatric help and quickly.

This site does not in any way endorse the random molestation of anyone else under any conditions whatsoever.

Now I doubt if you're still reading this, but on the off-chance, a reminder that the art and story pages contain a lot of explicit stuff. Nothing too nasty. Blood and other such things aren't erotic to me and I only do topics that I like myself. You can call it art or call it porn if you think that's what it is. But you've been warned so don't complain about what you find there, please. You've chosen to look and you're a grown up adult who is capable of making decisions about what you expose yourself to.